With the vigorous DevOps ideas, we help businesses to set-up fast and pellucid delivery cycles, along with improving software solutions quality. With our initiation, we helped many organizations all over the world to derive the benefits from the DevOps strategy and save time & cost of the projects.

Our DevOps Related Services

Our high-level DevOps services unite individuals and innovation and furthermore automate software delivery for offering incentives to the clients. With our DevOps & SecOps solutions, we ensure you deliver your software products timely.

  • Re-engineering and DevOps
  • Micro Frontends & Microservices
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Tools and Process engineering
  • Private NPM, Nexus, Artifactory
  • SCM best practices: Git, Gitlab, BitBucket
  • Project DevOps & SecOps Planning
  • Security audits and server hardening
  • Containerization & Orchestration
  • CI/CD setup
  • CloudOps and migration
  • SRE(Site Reliability Engineering) & NOC(Network Operations Center)