WordPress Accessibility Improvement For Your Visitors

Posted by D2i Team on May 20, 2022

While designing your website, it is the most important factor that your all visitors are the same and can access the website without any issue. For that WordPress accessibility will be optimized properly.

There are many ways for making the website user-friendly along with some little bit challenges. All you need to know what exactly your visitors need and look through your website where are loopholes. After that, you need related themes and plugins to make this task easier.

Here are some techniques for optimizing the WordPress accessibility for the visitors.

Test Current Website Accessibility

For making your site more accessible to users, you need to know what exactly you have. It will be hard for you in making changes if don’t know where to start. In the market, there are various tools for this task in which Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE) is one of them. You just put your website URL in this tool and it will provide you essential information. This tool elaborates well-optimized parts of your website and areas that need improvement for accessibility.

Accessibility-ready Tool

Accessibility improvement for the already built website will be a challenging task. All the layout and tools are already in their place and will difficult for implementing new key features to it. Sometimes your theme is not coded according to the functionality you need.

If you are at the initial stage of website building then avoiding such issues will be easy. By using an accessibility-ready theme will build from the beginning in a more friendly way.

WordPress Accessibility Plugin

Sometimes changing the theme didn’t work, you can still make changes to WordPress accessibility. You just need a plugin which will make all key changes for your inaccessible elements. You can opt for WP accessibility among various options. This plugin will perform tasks like removing unnecessary attributes, improving color contrast, describe images, and many more.

And, if you need some web accessibility testing services or getting more involved with this, you can rely upon our team for it.

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