What will be the Future of Web Development?

Posted by D2i Team on March 23, 2021

A web developer is the most required person needed for the development of top enterprises and converted the web design into a fully functional website by using optimal code with the advancing functionalities. Developing is not having adequate knowledge of the technology, UI, and UX but much more.

For attracting customers, a well-designed website along with all vital things is required by the organization and for their online presence. Web developers are responsible for using technical skills over a variety of frameworks in creating innovative websites to fulfill customer needs.

Latest Trends Dominating Web Development


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no doubt the future of web development which is already on the fast track of innovation. Many top enterprises are already launched their AI-related technology delivering a general approach for creating websites. Latest speech recognition is the fastest growing trend of AI which is revolutionizing the world of mobile and web development.


IoT (Internet of Things) is another field of web development that is going to rule the world. This technology is designed to collect data over physical objects available on the cloud with the internet. One common example of IoT used for explaining the analogy will be fitness bands and smartwatches. Siri or Alexa are offering one of the best life management.

Virtual Reality

It is the phenomena that affected design and development within few years. The designer team uses virtual reality for a simulation environment for the user so that they can experience the real-time world. Virtual reality offers customers to engage with services virtually to increase user satisfaction.

Voice Recognition

This is another feature of AI in which a user makes use of voice commands for controlling and handle aspects like smartphones, TV screens, laptops, and tablets. This will enhance the UX even better by the developers.

Looking back over the advancement in technologies over the past few years, we cannot deny the effect of web development directly or indirectly.

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