What Manual, Automated, And Hybrid Accessibility Testing Actually Is?

Posted by D2i Team on May 24, 2021

Testing at an early stage and regular basis is the main motive when there is talk about the accessible website. But the problem begins from where and how it should begin. There are various tools and checkers in the market that rectify the issues quickly, but unable in detecting the deeper website issues.

Mainly there are three approaches when we talk about audits and maintenance of web accessibility:

  • Deep Manual Testing
  • Automated testing for a quality software solution
  • The hybrid approach consists of the feature of both manual and automation methods

Manual Testing

In manual testing, the team of people goes through each webpage or source code for accessibility issues. It is more effective and compatible with assistive technology, browser plugin, and keyboard navigation.

The main advantage of manual testing is that with expertise and knowledge, issues can be caught that may not be detected by automated tools. Even if you don’t have deep knowledge of accessibility, there are manual testing services that will assist you in this regard.

User Testing

One of the best approaches for the detection of accessibility issues is to take help from people with disabilities. Their real-time experience with the website reveals issues that might take into consideration. When you are about to plan for user testing, then make sure your tester is comfortable which will help in taking respective actions for the results. Below are some things that need to be considered during user testing:

  • Aims and goals should be clear
  • Preparation should be done for test materials and assistive technology
  • Make a comfortable and quiet environment to ensure a peaceful environment
  • Observation should be done on the given feedback

Hybrid Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is having a nature that requires two or more combinations of different approaches, as it will cover different areas like web, content, QA, and design. Flexibility will be achieved by the usage of a hybrid approach of manual and user testing.

A hybrid approach with the benefits of automated and manual testing will allow organizations to access testing according to their needs and aims. Other factors like the size of the website and how well and usable the Content Management System (CMS).

Whichever method you are going to adopt just make sure to create a user experience for everyone. If you want accessibility testing your website, D2I technology will do the same for you and get instant results.

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