What Are Top DevOps Certifications To Be Ranked This Year?

Posted by D2i Team on May 28, 2021

Certifications are the way to display knowledge of industry regarding particular tools along with a commitment for the same. Big firms like Google, AWS, Microsoft, and many more give certification to the users for educating and training related to their services and tools. DevOps also gives certifications to the new developers and businesses.

Significance of DevOps Certifications

  • For increasing skills and keep update yourself with new DevOps trends
  • It will describe your proficiency and let the recruiter quickly select you through certification.
  • Demonstrate passion and dedication along with skills of DevOps.

There are lots of certifications in the market, so it depends upon your right choice. Sometimes firms and organizations give a certificate for some silly tests. That’s why DevOps certification is accredited by some tech experts.

Popular DevOps Certifications Of This Year

Here a discussion of some top certifications of DevOps among them some are paid ones.


This is one of the best and important technologies for DevOps developers. Docker will let you run different applications on the same operating system that means they are more systematic than VM (virtual machine). Due to these reasons, Docker offers Docker Certified Associate certification to the engineers.

Kubernetes Administrator Certification

The exam of Kubernetes was made by Cloud Native Computing Foundation for that you need to cover the basics of the Kubernetes cluster. It also includes networking, scheduling, deploying, and logging. For that, you need to do practical labs as this exam is about solving labs instead of answering questions.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

AAs Microsoft offers cloud services for scaling and running applications. Due to this, an exam is offered by the company so that engineers able to run services on the Azure platform. It mainly contains topics of implementing and managing the DevOps development process, continuous integration, delivery, and feedback.

Google Cloud Platform

How Google out of this list. It offers Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification that concentrates on creating reliable development activities. The main motive of this exam is a fine performance of services, maintain and create CI/CD pipelines and apply site reliability engineering rules.

Red Hat Certification

RedHat offers an exam for DevOps and SysAdmin developers for checking the Ansible skillset. The aim of this is to configure applications and using Ansible.

Overall, all these certifications aim to describe your passion and commitment. This is worth it for applicants as it one of the investment help in moving to another job.

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