Web Designing v/s Web Development

Posted by D2i Team on November 30, 2023

Nowadays these two terms are differently used by web companies for elaborating services they are providing. These two terms have different aspects and skill sets related to these two terms. Have a look and differentiate between these two terms:

Web Designing

In web designing, designers built a whole library of strategic ideas starting with scope and purpose of the website. After that making illusions of designs make a head start with a skeleton of the design. From the wireframes, designers move further towards the final outlook of the website design.

Skill set of good Web designer:

  • Tools like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or Framer used for building final layout of the website
  • Good graphic and logo design skills
  • He/she must keep themselves up to date with latest design trends
  • Must use an appropriate design approach for user experience for getting required results.
  • Keeping branding of the website, use color palettes, writing styles and readability of the website wisely

Web Development

Web development aspect turns design into a live working website. Different web languages and software tools are used for developing and functionality of the website. For this front-end developers keep in touch with the web designers and the back-end developers for building the working website. HTML(Hypertext Markup Language), CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and JS(JavaScript) are used to create a website including font family, typography, inserting images, different pages layout and flow and many more. On the other hand, back-end developers manage the server end data and different requests. If our website needs to save data for using it at a later stage that means it needs a database connection. This is possible by a direct connection with the server by means of server languages such as PHP or ASP.NET

  • Build actual interface using HTML, CSS AND JS languages
  • Use styling preprocessors, JavaScript libraries and built-in frameworks to speed up the development process
  • Both front and back end developers can use the same IDEs for building the website structure
  • You can also use versioning tools to keep the track of the history of previous builds.

By considering the above factors, any person can differentiate between the web designing and web development services of any web company services.

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