Signs Whether You Are Doing DevOps Correct Or Not?

Posted by D2i Team on March 21, 2021

Most of the organizations claim to be DevOps oriented due to the tools they are using and the few practices they are following. For DevOps-centered organizations, some particular principles and procedures make sure that your organization is automated and optimized. Make sure to use the proper tactics related to DevOps for getting better results. Here showing some signs that will explain you are using DevOps correctly or not

Teams Work Together

Communication is most important among development, testing and IT teams for proper DevOps success. For the smooth running of the pipeline, cooperation between different groups is mandatory. If a problem exists somewhere, then developers and IT teams will easily and faster fix the problem if they work with others properly.

Automated Deployment

Automated deployment from start to finish is one of the signs that shows DevOps principles are following correctly. Manual deployment can lead to problems made by human error. So, automated deployment is one of the important beliefs of DevOps-oriented organizations for increasing efficiency and errors of organizations.

Get Continuous Feedback

Nothing is perfect on the first attempt, and problems and errors occur while working. So, make sure you should get a continuous feedback loop in your system for detecting errors. If you have an error detecting system setup and remove them while they occur, then this shows DevOps correctly done.

Right Tools And Platforms

For proper deployment and testing of applications, tools and platforms have deployed and error fixing features for building applications. If error fixing consumes more time, then you are not the proper tool for that. If tools are an essential piece of DevOps, then practices make sure changes in DevOps take place.

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