Reviewing Your 2021 Accessibility Performance

Posted by D2i Team on June 02, 2021

It is that period of the century that is full of platitudes, and a reminder for you in case you forget. As time pass, it gives a chance to look through the aspects in your control and ask how these are ongoing. It is the accessibility factor of your online presence in this digital era. Most of the firms and organizations that did not put their efforts in intentionally analyzing their accessibility over last year.

Like doing an audit or self-analyzing, evaluation of 2021 accessibility performance is valuable. In case, you are looking for ways for figuring out whether your organizations touch accessibility benefits or shred. Below mentioned suggestions will help somehow.

Customer Complaints: Filing formal complaints or giving feedback to any company is time-consuming. So, if you are having complaints related to accessibility, they need review and need to find out the root cause. It doesn’t get any complaints in that area, it doesn’t mean there are no accessibility issues.

Accessibility Awareness: Seeing everyone can impact accessibility even not having any tech knowledge, why not finding how much they know the basics of that thing? From C-suit to managers of project play a vital role in this. A formal target and checking each year can reveal how much they are gaining knowledge.

In case of not having an accessibility audit: If you didn’t remediate your website to make it accessible by default, then obviously it is not accessible.

You need to start your way to accessibility compliance, by checking out our accessibility testing services that will provide checklists and guides when you are ready.

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