Open Source Mobile Application Performance Testing Tools

Posted by D2i Team on March 17, 2021

Have you ever faced extremely slow applications or servers? Has the latest feature undergone a memory leak? You have to check your application on a regular basis to see whether it is working well or not. Our post will help you in looking for the best performance testing sources.

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is most popular these days and tests more than a million cloud-based tests. It enables a bug-free user environment for running automated testing. The testing can be done in parallel using Sauce Labs and it is not time-consuming at all.


Currently, WebLoad is available for around 50 virtual users and free to use. It lets you do a stress test for knowing the device’s performance. It comes with the feature of recording scripts straight from mobile.


This cloud platform allows devices for running manual and automated testing. Moreover, this tool includes different features like commands, faster execution, and automatically generated activity logs, and also it allows tests without any script modifications.

UI Automater

UI Automater open-source platform can only be used for tests related to Android devices. UI Automater framework is built using scripts that are written in JavaScript. The test cases are run using the automated functional test.


TestFairy is a Beta Testing platform and performs testing with video recording for both Android and iOS apps. It is a free mobile testing platform that comes with open-source plugins and API.


It is the only framework having combined features of both Cucumber and JSON. The user can write structure acceptance tests and requirements. This tool makes it easier for the user to use this testing tool without making any changes in the app code.

With these so many choices, choosing the right mobile testing app can be a difficult task. The above list will help you in finding the right tool according to requirements.

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