Need Of Shifting Business From DevOps To DevSecOps

Posted by D2i Team on May 21, 2021

With advancements in technologies for supporting continuous integration, deployment, and delivery offspring the requirement for DevOps. Security is becoming an important part of the application development life-cycle as cyber threats are escalating and change in the application development ways and time frames. All these reasons lead to moving businesses from DevOps to DevSecOps.

DevSecOps is required where there are security implications are made while developing, updating, and deploying the applications. Here discussing the main reasons for shifting to DevSecOps.

Frequency and speed in making and updates: Now, there is no doubt that the developer team is under pressure for the development of new applications in the fastest time frame. Some sectors like banking and financing are challenged by some organizations that offer exciting and better user engagement. All these changes need to be done in the short period expected by the client.

DevOps becomes one part of the application development life cycle. As tradition changes due to needing for update and maintenance of the applications as these changes are required to make quick period.

Cloud-native-based architecture: Modern apps development is typically based upon cloud-native architectures that include the concept of microservices and containers. This approach needs third-party or open-source code for building complex and large applications. Moreover, these architectures made changes quickly. Instead of writing the whole app code, changes are done to the affected area where it needs. In case of adding a new feature to the front-end in the mobile interface and that element, the portion must be changed.

Add-on Security In DevOps

All these changes are done seeing the security needs to be ingrained during the development process. Security needs to assimilate at each step of modification, deployment, and development. Security issues need not be a wait for the attack, these must be pondered while operating and updating.

Moreover, DevSecOps is needed to find out the flaws and weaknesses in hidden dependencies coupled with applications. At last, execute cybercrime security at the code level and coding are low cost, efficient and effective way instead make changes in the finished product.

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