Mobile App Development Top Programming Languages (2021)

Posted by D2i Team on November 28, 2023

More than 90% of the time a smartphone user spent their time in mobile apps. So, mobile apps are the most important medium for customers A mobile app is the best way to build a business from scratch and give it a digital angel. It is proven in the study that mobile apps engage customers better and get bigger revenues. There are more than 30 plus programming languages that you can choose for mobile app development. Here is a list of the top programming languages used for mobile application development.


In the world of the latest technology that replaces old with new ones, no one can take the place of Java. The reason behind is that it is easy to grab and start with due to which it is the first choice amongst all the app developers.

Features of Java

  • Easy and understandable syntax of Java makes it more readable than any other coding languages
  • Object-oriented programming feature handles the complex real-world application in a better way
  • Integrity level is more in Java due to its rich API
  • Being strongly typed language it will catch the mistakes easily


Due to its feature, Kotlin takes over Java in a better way for app developers. The most important feature of this language is that it is easy to use and setup. Moreover, it supports all the development environment. The documentation part Kotlin is easy, fun, and detailed for the beginners who begin their journey in the development. The Kotlin community is large and experts are happy to resolve the issues of one another on GitHub and any other forums.


In 2015, Swift was the most lovable programming language for app development. More than 30,000 Apple App Store apps are partially written in Swift. Its built-in tools make app development an easier task for developers. Swift Playground app help to learn coding from scratch in an interactive environment. This language to write code faster by cutting down the complex into a smaller version.


Flutter, developed by Google, is a mobile app development framework use DART as a coding language and has a rich library of widgets and tools for getting visual app experiences. One of the greatest achievements of Flutter is that changes in real-time can be seen while making changes in the code. The developers can customize their widgets according to their need that make this coding language used for application development.

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