Methods for Handling Technical Debt with DevOps

Posted by D2i Team on November 26, 2023

Mostly various organizations deal with the problem of technical debt while collaboration with cloud services. For that, we have to keep updating and know about what technical debt is and how we can handle this with the help of DevOps. Let’s discuss this in this article.

What is Technical Debt?

It is the accumulation of sub-optimal technical decisions that are made during the lifetime of an application. It becomes harder and harder to make changes with time.

For example, poor management in the application made it difficult for implementing the scaling strategy. You have to rewrite the management portion of the code for doing what you want to implement next.

It is worth pointing out the debt as it doesn’t occur during the development, it may occur during their working condition. Running outdated OS that are no longer in use or not updating your servers are some technical debt issues that will leave you in a vulnerable condition.

Resolving the technical debt situation with DevOps

Make DevOps product teams

One of the major points in DevOps is creating a multidisciplinary team that will keep track of the whole processing of the product from start to the endpoint for making it easier by paying it back.

Self-service platforms with the help of InnerSource

Nowadays many organizations are building self-service platforms for supporting the product teams. The platform teams made services that will help the product teams. InnerSource will help in making and implementing decisions that will be useful throughout the whole process of the product.

Build an API centric Model with DevOps

Sometimes the teams are encouraged for building and consuming APIs with well-defined and versioned interfaces for reducing the technical debts. But, technical debt is caused by how the data is used by the different teams in different ways. APIs make these interfaces less fragile and more visible to each team with the help of clear roadmaps.

For further more information related to DevOps for handling the technical debts, you can consult our DevOps services for a good experience in this.

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