Latest Updates In Windows 10 Accessibility

Posted by D2i Team on October 18, 2021

Here in this article, we showcase the improvement done by Windows 10 accessibility for people with low vision or having no vision. These updates are done in May 2020 so that every person will able to achieve what they want.

Make Visibility of Windows 10 Easier and Usable

Improvements in Text Cursor

As we saw recently that pointers and text personalized in Windows 10. The demand for making larger text and brighter pointers by millions of people make some changes in it. As many low vision people told about this issue as they are having problem while interacting. Windows 10 will make to change the color of the cursor to find it easier on the screen.

Decrease of Strain and Fatigue through Magnifier

Many people complain that they feel strain and fatigue while reading small text for the whole day. They request to make text aloud for reducing strain. The magnifier feature makes this easier while providing Play, Pause and Next Sentence controls. This feature is also included in other popular browsers like Edge, Chrome, and Firefox including other Windows applications like Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

Screen Reader for People with No Vision

There are certain changes made in the Narrator of Windows 10 built-in screen reader.

Easy to Use Narrator

Improvements are done for making reading natural by decreasing pauses and processing sentences with proper pronunciation. Redesigning of Narrator sounds will make it more efficient for use. Improvising of announcing the capital letters and words in the sentence while reading document and message.

Browsing Smartly

Now, Narrator automatically reads the webpage from the very beginning and this automatic reading feature improves efficiency. Other feature of summary on demand will let you understand the complexity of the page like headings, links, and landmarks.

Outlook Mail

With the improvements in Narrator, Outlook Narrator also optimized to make it faster and easier for inbox. The message reading experience also improved like automatic reading of web pages. Also, automatic scan mode makes it simple in reading message content.

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