Is Accessibility Only For People With Blindness?

Posted by D2i Team on June 10, 2022

Appropriate thinking is needed for web accessibility and some myths can stop businesses from making wrong decisions. One of the most common misconceptions is if you made an accessible website especially for people with blindness, then it will be accessible by everyone. In fact, accessibility is all about giving accommodations to people with vision impairments.

This myth comes from the source; a person with visual disabilities needs to experience the internet according to their requirements and the websites providing this facility are ahead in the market. It is not about giving preference to only one single group. Giving equal benefits to each one process involves analysing the web users’ approaches for interaction and access to the content. For instance, there are some users that are using the screen readers on a daily basis who are blind. Somehow there are some with a variety of other impairments.

Accessibility Giving Benefits to Different User Groups

The main point is that not any single users access the digital content in the same manner. Digital accessibility is giving a variety of options to the users for a better experience. We have to keep some key points in mind that are discussed below:

People with disabilities made specific portion of the world’s population

About 15 percent of the world’s population is having some type of disability that consists of hearing, vision, speech, mobility, and cognitive disabilities. Each of them uses the internet in a different form. Not a single website is completely accessible to each user.

Disability doesn’t define user usability of the internet

This point is considered while covering a huge portion of persons with or without disabilities who use the internet. When web experience is compared with WCAG’s standards many people will get benefits irrespective of their browsing behaviour, adaptive technologies, and many other factors.

Accessible websites will be beneficial for everyone

Accessibility benefits are not limited to the person with disabilities. When a website is easily navigated with transparent content and interaction, each person can access it more effectively.

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