Impact Of Website Accessibility On Ranking Factor

Posted by D2i Team on May 14, 2021

Creating mobile or web applications of your organization accessible will let more people interact including those who have disabilities. SEO practices have some overlaps with accessibility factors among those some have rank improving features for visibility of their web page earlier.

Both accessibility and SEO techniques aim is to make accessible and understandable content so that either it is a bot or a human can access it easily.

How Accessibility Effects Rankings?

Most SEO professionals analyzed the relation between accessibility and SEO. We are discussing some ways accessibility and ranking factors overlap.

Nowadays, video and audio content is getting popular, and attempts are done in making them more accessible that depicts how both are interlinked. Transcripts and captions are being added to the video content more making them accessible to visitors having vision and hearing problems. These transcripts and captions were also responsible for the ranking factor. Transcription business Rev described that these video captions improve visitor’s engagement and search engine visibility.

Adding page title, heading, menus help both human and bot in knowing the structure and goal of the website. Using general layout language in the title of the page will let everyone understand it easily and can be indexed by search engines properly. The hyperlinked text also play important role in ranking and accessibility. Using phrases like “Click Me” is not much helpful. Either you can link to the text that describes that particular purpose of the link instead of using additional context.

Some of the programs on W3C’s Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List may help many firms and organizations in web accessibility. However, there are many consultants providing web accessibility services that have specialization in this area properly.

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