AccessiBe Review: How to solve Web Accessibility with AI and Scalability?

Posted by D2i Team on March 10, 2021

AccessiBe is a web accessibility solution technique for ADA and WCAG compliance rules. This compliance enables websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. If your website is not WCAG compliant, then you can get sued.

How accessiBe works?

accessiBe is an automated solution that mixes applications for achieving whole compliance.

Foreground: This application is the accessibility interface that enables users with disabilities in adjusting various UI and design elements in meeting unique requirements.

Background: This application is responsible for the optimization of screen reader and keyboard navigation. Additionally, accessiBe continuously checks the website and identifying and fixing the latest errors when they occur.

Installing and Setup

Install the accessiBe by inserting a single line of code on the website. That’s all at your end. Firstly, an accessibility interface appears on the website. The menu is seen with the accessibility icon. Further, AI application scans and analyze website accessibility errors and its compatibility with assistive technology and fixes them. This will take around 48 hours.

Why Compliance is Important?

Every website keeps on updating and changing, which creates accessibility gaps like alt text of images. Continuous monitoring and scanning of website, accessiBe enables you to remain compliant. Periodically accessibility audit is needed for staying compliant which is a costly affair. With accessiBe there is no need to worry about this.

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