How Popular Social Media & Tech Firms Boosting Accessibility?

Posted by D2i Team on May 12, 2022

The growing impact of information technology and social platforms in every aspect of life leads to prioritize web accessibility for them. Here are few main steps that these huge firms are considered for accessibility of social media and content on the internet.


Since the start of the Facebook Accessibility Team in 2011, Facebook consistently works upon the improvement of its accessibility factor. Accessibility of keyboard navigation is enhanced by using lists, landmarks, and headings with which easy navigation with screen reader keys is possible in the primary Facebook version. Some innovations are done in recent time by the company which is as follows:

  • Controlling font size by IOS messenger app
  • With VoiceOver gestures mute, delete and more functions are possible in iOS
  • “Skip to Newsfeed” link will add easy use the feature in screen readers for accessing News Feed stories
  • Multilingual captions in the videos section support subtitle in the video content


The main improvement done by the company is the automatic alternative text that lets the user in hearing image descriptions while interacting with Instagram profile, newsfeed, and feed. This feature is based upon object recognition technology that makes it easy in hearing image content. Anyone while using a screen reader can hear image descriptions.


Around 2013, Google made team particular works upon whether their product and services are accessible to all users. Every new service made by Google must pass through an accessibility test to ensure security and privacy. Some steps taken are taken regarding accessibility:

  • Lookout feature launched by the company supports people with visual disabilities to navigate properly.
  • Wheelchair accessibility provided by Google Maps from 2017 to millions of people helps the local guides that respond to Google’s global call-in sharing data on accessibility.


Microsoft will be on the top in the field of web accessibility technologies and now stepping into the field of artificial intelligence for boosting its accessibility feature. Some vital steps taken by the company are as follows:

  • “Seeing AI” app launched by the firm is designed for users with visual impairment in converting visual content into the audible format. This feature converts and narrates elements like handwriting, colors, barcodes, etc, even humans and their emotions are also converted in this.
  • “Ease of Access” settings feature add-on the keyboard shortcuts that enable in doing screen bigger and brighter required by the user.

Overall, fast development in the field of web accessibility will be done according to changes and advancements made by the government, firms, and communities for making content more accessible, or an accessibility testing company will handle all burden by themselves for you.

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