Gartner’s 2021 Latest Technology Trends With DevOps

Posted by D2i Team on May 02, 2021

Gartner’s annual technology outline of the year is always useful to read. This 2021 get affected by the Covid-19 and businesses are still got affected by this. Most organizations eagerly waiting for how this year’s technology trends support organizational needs. The customer needs and unstable market conditions are more important according to Gartner. DevOps play the main role in getting the above requirements.

Link of Gartner with DevOps

Gartner technology trends are categorized into three inter-related themes which are again united by an overarching theme called combinatorial innovation. The main concept of this innovation is to use the traditional innovations for solutions or into products for meeting their requirements and market. The repetitive and decentralized method of working mindset embraced the DevOps ideas.

Themes of Gartner

Theme 1: Centricity of People

This pandemic changes how people work and have connections with the organizations, people are still the main center point of any enterprise. They need to depend upon the digital way nowadays. The related trends with this theme are:

  • Privacy Enhancing Computing
  • Internet of Behaviors

Theme 2: Location Independence

This pandemic shifted the employees, customers, and organizations physically. This location independence needed technology that support this new version of the business market. The related trends with this theme are:

  • Distributed Cloud
  • Cybersecurity Mesh

Theme 3: Flexible Delivery

Levity exists in the market whether there is a pandemic or recession period. The enterprises that adapt to the changes will handle these types of disruptions. The related trends with this theme are:

  • AI Engineering
  • Hyperautomation

How DevOps Works With Combinatorial Innovation

DevOps is the binding particle that binds Gartner’s nine tech trends. DevOps brings cohesion and enables focused and aimful adoption of innovation while delivering business benefits. With the usage of DevOps, employees can bring the desired outcomes for the business outcomes. The software and product delivery are enhanced with the hyper-automation along with developers and engineers working cohesively.

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