Gaining Greater Value from DevOps

Posted by D2i Team on June 18, 2021

DevOps is not just about deployment and management. Fully dedicated teamwork of DevOps members and organized activities will let in enhancing the customer satisfaction and high peak in the operational activities. Putting efforts on some key aspects will let in enhancing the DevOps value. Some aspects are given below:

Be Dedicated Instead of Reactive

During deploying a new product, there are some issues and you are taking reactive actions after that. What if you are one or two steps ahead before the encounter of these types of issues?

Have a look at the new trends and metrics, so that spotting in error on a timely basis will be done. By doing so, it will be easier to minimize such little issues, not when there is the only option of hitting the panic button or rollback. Looking ahead will be a good option for you.

Improvise Operations Using Feedback

It is a better option of investing time in automation like deployment but concentration on quality DevOps activity will let intake insights of the development pipeline. Take consideration of feedback and reviews into the development process will put you into a better place when there are huge other options available in the market for deployment.

Customer Behavior Tracking

Here are two most important aspects for easy to set up and use for tracking of customers’ behavior, monitor and better insights for improving the operations.

Ahoy: This will track the user visit to the webpage by determining the particular events that need to add to your code. You have to do this on the server-side and controller through JavaScript or simple API.

Blazer: This will help in obtaining the visibility of the database by just adding a mount point to the route files for accessing the web application. This will enable an easy interface for doing SQL queries and display results.

Metrics Checking On Timely Basis

Once the set-up of tools is done, don’t stop there. Check the metrics weekly if possible and watch out for the new trends. Seeing these metrics will help in analyzing the pattern and dive into the development process for reevaluating the decisions made earlier.

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