Future Scope of DevOps - 11 Reasons To Learn DevOps

Posted by D2i Team on December 12, 2021

Every business today is run by software. To remain successful, they must be able to introduce new products and features with security and governance at the forefront. Utilizing DevOps methods, Development and Operations teams enable software delivery to be more agile quick, error-free, and efficient. Their impact on the speed of delivery of software can’t be overemphasized. DevOps is among the most rapid-growing and disruptive technologies today.

As we approach 2021’s end this is an ideal moment to think about what’s in store in the future. It’s possible that we won’t be able to predict certain events with absolute certainty but we can take an educated guess and prepare for the unexpected. In this regard, below are the 11 DevOps predictions for what is likely to occur in 2022.

Container Registry Registries will proliferate

The advent of containers enabled DevOps principles much easier for companies to implement. This is why we witnessed a total revolution in the shipping and packaging of the software. This allowed Dev as well as Ops to work together in true cooperation and to have the software quickly delivered to the final customer.

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One of the benefits of adopting DevOps concepts includes Continuous Delivery as well as deployment which aids DevOps engineers and SREs in dramatically reducing the time to release and helping them get the products or services they offer on the go to market quicker.

What is the reason DevOps growth continues to expand? The traditional ways of deploying software are confronted from every angle by innovative approaches, new technologies, and skills. This means that it’s the right time to change your approach and stay ahead of your competitors to gain a substantial margin.

The scope of AI, Machine Learning, and Automation Will Change

AI is already being used to automate tasks such as scanning for security vulnerabilities, bug fixes as well as quality control testing however it’s anticipated to be the case that AI continues to develop to make it easier to automate even more complicated tasks. As an example, robots generate code with no human input as well as machine learning (ML) is utilized in Continuous Delivery to improve your pipeline. In both cases, AI and ML assist DevOps teams to deliver more efficiently however the industry is slow to embrace the numerous benefits AI and ML can offer. Through ML, DevOps teams can add multiple test suites to the CI/CD pipeline, and then repeat the tests to discover bugs, identify patterns and gain specific insight.

Hybrid Clouds will climb the Ladder

As more businesses move to cloud-based infrastructures it will be necessary to create an approach to managing their servers on their premises as well as within the cloud. A lot of companies realize that this must be accomplished using an approach to cloud computing that blends on-premises infrastructure and cloud infrastructures that are public.

When you make use of the hybrid cloud it is simple to move your workloads from one cloud type to another if needed. In the event of issues with one type of cloud, you’ll be able to swiftly switch to a different one. With this flexibility, it’s easy to scale down or up to accommodate the growth of demand or any changes.

Continuity of Security Breaches

As we’ve seen, DevSecOps has become a buzzword without any concepts for implementation. There were numerous prominent security breaches in 2021, which demonstrates the lack of diligence and ineffective security practices. This is due to the absence of highly trained security professionals as well as the rapid technological expansion in recent years.

Engineer Jobs in DevOps Will Enhance and Extend

DevOps isn’t just intended for Developers anymore. As more companies adopt its principles and practices, there will be more jobs available in the field of DevOps engineers. As a result of the increase in DevOps adoption, it will result in an increased demand for a professional DevOps services company in the USA. The demand for experts with the required DevOps engineering abilities is growing exponentially due to the rising amount of SaaS start-ups as well as their increasing use of automation tools for developers of software.

Increase Market Share

Cloud-native technologies and tools give companies many possibilities to develop robust software and keep them running with high availability. Cloud-based development is not new. Actually, the first web browser was designed to run a cloud-based operating system. However, this new generation of cloud-based applications can achieve more than ever before.

GitOps Will Be Flourish

GitOps can be described as an improvement from the DevOps movement. It’s an enhancement of standard Git workflow in which Git is considered to be the sole primary source for truth. GitOps is based on Continuous deployment and delivery to allow businesses to respond faster to changes in their business environment or market or requirements. It is an improved collaborative and flexible way of managing software releases, thereby reducing the risk.

They are intended to help developers create tests, develop, and release software in a continuous manner rather than the slower waterfall model, in which teams focus on everything in one long cycle of development.

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DevOps Security is getting the First Priority

Training DevOps can be a fast game in which things can fail. Although speed is essential, however, we must also include security checks at every step in our SDLC. With the recent advancements in security, like Biden’s executive order regarding cybersecurity there’s plenty of clarity on security issues when it comes to DevOps and safeguarding the DevOps pipeline. One of the best options is using the Zero-trust Security Framework which grants those who have the lowest privilege access to IT resources since it treats every person and everything as hostile.

JAMstack: New modern Web Development Approach

The revolutionary design for responsiveness of the first decade of 2010 has ushered into a new age of web development, but it has also revealed its limitations. The JAMstack turns the conventional approach by combining static website generators JavaScript along with CSS into one bundle. These tools provide flexibility and the capacity to grow with modern web applications.

“Infrastructure as Code” is Going to become the norm for DevOps

A DevOps approach allows developers to be closer to the user getting more understanding of user expectations and requirements. This is why DevOps is designed to make software delivery agile and more efficient. Reduce the time-to-market and offer high-end features, without compromising quality or security. Following the broad adoption of the DevOps culture, it was evident that there was a need to automatize IT processes. The idea of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is what has enabled this with tools such as Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation, Pulumi, etc.

Service Meshes Get Traction

Small or large any company wants to be agile and take on the Best DevOps Companies path. The DevOps environment is shifting towards cloud-native technology which means that the impact of microservices is enormous. We all agree that microservices have their own set of limitations in connectivity as well as security and monitoring because the number of microservices increases.

To address this issue problem, the idea of a service mesh has received a lot of attention recently. Service meshes assist businesses that use a large array of microservices to simplify monitoring, networking, and security. Furthermore, service meshes aid developers in the deployment of new services or making changes to existing ones without having to think about how it impacts other microservices and their operation properties.


In simple terms, we can conclude it is DevOps is a type, of course, which has evolved since its inception and, in the current context has added lots of highlights. The above details also clearly explain the importance of DevOps and the highlighting trends it highlights. If you are looking for a DevOps services Company in USA as the best option, you must consider a D2i Technology.

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