Essentials for Accelerated Testing Strategy

Posted by D2i Team on March 08, 2021

In the physical and digital world for getting access to the information, accessibility is being taken care of. Accessibility implies that everyone has access to all the services irrespective of condition. In this digital era, technology brings innovations and creative ideas to deliver comforts in our lives. With these developments, technology also put efforts on the different platforms for differently-abled visitors.

Accessibility guidelines are developed various standards like WCAG, Section 508, ADA, etc. For this, Accessibility Testing is adopted at the beginning of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Fasten Approach to Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is done manually or by using the automated tools that cross-check the standards and rule compliance. There are various accessibility standards, but WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guidelines) is most acceptable in the whole world. The methodology of accessibility depends on four main principles declared by W3C that are Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust.

Tools and Methods

The following are the main axis according to whom applications are validated:

  • Keyboard Navigation
  • On-screen Readers
  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • Color and High Contrast

Accessibility Testing Tools

Browser Extensions

These browser extensions in validating guidelines related to accessibility such as HTML, CSS, ARIA, and syntax issues. The most prominent tools are AXE, Accessibility Insights, WAVE, and many more.

Assistive Technology Tools

These tools are helped visually impaired people in reading what is on the display. Job Access with Speech (JAWS), Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA), Voiceover, Chrome VOX, Narrator, etc. is some assistive tools that are also known as Screen Readers.

Web Accessibility testing strategy will help in delivering web applications in a more friendly way to differently-abled. D2i Technology has the best engineering approach in accessibility services that helped many organizations and enterprises for meeting WCAG standards.

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