DevOps Achievement Success Along with Microservices & Containerization

Posted by D2i Team on March 04, 2021

DevOps is not the only aim, but also a ceaseless process of continuous development. The long-lasting value of an organization depends upon satisfying the needs of the customer and increase in their number by innovative ideas instead of the value of its products. The whole IT industry including DevOps is on the path of improvement.

The pair of Agile and DevOps drive quality in the development in the last few years of the various enterprises. The automated technologies along with CI/CD pipeline make it possible for performing releases at a faster rate. When talking about microservices and containers operate very well when combined. Here in this article, we will discuss how these two fit into DevOps.

Microservices and Containers

In general terms, microservices are the mini, deconstructed type of complex software application. On the other side, the container combines all the requirements for running a code and is also used for running or deploying steps. Both containers and microservices can work independently without one another.

DevOps with Microservices and Containers

The deployability and scalability are offered by the containers and microservices separately. The development and software testing team can deploy, test, and integrate with the microservices architecture as loosely coupled services. They don’t depend upon the whole application to be ready. There is no need to rewrite the whole code when minor changes need to be performed.

DevOps architecture needs continuous feedback and improvement and this need is fulfilled by the independent nature of both containers and microservices. Microservices allow QA practice at the various steps that allow faster results with minimum efforts.