Best Accessibility Tools Being Used For Accessibility

Posted by D2i Team on June 20, 2021

As we know that opening accessibility for the ones especially ones who have disabilities for navigation and interaction for the web is what web accessibility means. Some websites have some kind of barriers that made it impossible for the person with disabilities for accessing the websites. Web accessibility services will help that persons to removable of blockages for accessing the web.

There are many varieties of tools available for developers while making accessible websites. It is not that easy task as tools and software according to user requirement is the challenging one. Below discussion of some accessibility testing tools based upon budget and need a factor of the site are given:


Paciello group provided Accessibility Viewer one of the Windows testing tools. Accessibility information includes MSAA, HTML DOM, UI Automation, and ARIA. This one is a free license software program that covers the guidelines of WCAG 2.0, W3C Section 508, and US federal standards.


AChecker released in September 2008 makes the program appealing interactive, customizable according to the needs. The most prominent feature is that user can create their guidelines as per the need. Also, can write their accessibility checks and the program is defined by Open Accessibility Checks.


This plugin by Deque Systems deals with the web accessibility of sites from Chrome developer tools. Moreover, this plugin will also generate accessibility reports including checking password-protected or restricted ones. HTML and XHTML formats are supported by this web-based plugin being accessible free for use.


Bookmarklets will use JavaScript for highlighting states, roles, and properties of elements related to the page for accessibility. This tool uses the drag and drop of link feature in the bookmark bar for use in any browser. This free browser plugin supported CSS, HTML, and images.


This tool offered by CKSource will enable users to check the content in CKEditor program for detecting web accessibility levels. This tool covered W3C – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, U.S federal procurement standards, and Section 508.


This one Firefox-specific plugin that permits QA engineers, developers, and experts for testing accessibility compliance. This one tool has an in-built screen reader, color contrast analysis and also supports DHTML pages. This shows evaluation results step-by-step within pages by creating reports.


This tool is offered by Paypal providing accessibility API and many customizable web applications for HTML CodeSniffer. This plugin also supports in creation of reports related to evaluation reports. AATT consists of HTMLCodeSniffer along PhantomJS and Express mainly runs on Node. The license is open source supporting HTML and image formats.


This web accessibility testing is well known for enabling flexibility to the designers in tooling. This tool is easily integrated into already using toolset by utilizing the program UPI. The reports while doing evaluation results supported formats of HTML, CSV, XML, and JSON. The license for this tool has a commercial or enterprise version with free test trials or demo version.

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