Best Accessibility Testing Toolkit for Accessible Website

Posted by D2i Team on May 05, 2022

Test your website’s accessibility needs more than a list of standards and best practices. If you’re looking to bring your website into conformity with guidelines for accessibility on the web, then you’ll need accessibility testing tools that can examine your website’s design and content and even the code.

In this post, we’re going to present to you the top accessible testing services for all of these crucial areas of your website. We’ll also provide an overview of how they work, so you can get started and evaluate your website accessibility services in just a few minutes.

What is Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is the process of evaluating the accessibility of a product, service, or website. It can be performed by people with disabilities or by people without disabilities. The purpose is to identify and remove barriers to accessibility in order to make products, services, and websites more accessible for people with disabilities. Similar to usability testing, accessibility testing involves testing products, services, or websites with people with disabilities to evaluate their experiences and provide feedback.

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NVDA and VoiceOver

It’s quite easy to add alt text for your pictures, however, in the event that you don’t include it, accessibility is affected. The most efficient way to make sure screen readers are able to recognize images is to employ one. At the cost of just a small amount, you can utilize Screen Reader NVDA available for Windows. If you’re running the Mac and you’re using a Mac, VoiceOver is an excellent software that comes pre-installed.

Utilizing screen readers to test accessibility is an excellent method to determine how someone who has a vision impairment navigates your site.

There are only so many times you’ll hear “Click Here and click here before you’ll be committed to continually improving the link’s context.


Before taking any action to make your website more accessible, we suggest that you take a look at your site from a different lens of disability. Funkify is a Chrome extension that lets users look at their site through various disability simulations. If you’re committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming experience. This tool can assist you in understanding the obstacles your customers confront.

By enabling the extension, you’ll be capable of experiencing your website as a user

Many vision impairments can be caused by this.

  • Trembling
  • Dyslexia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Keyboard controls only

Once you’ve been walking in the shoes of your visitors you’ll have a better idea of where you can improve your site the most.

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When you’re trying to make your content more accessible, you must make sure that you have a structured text that a twelve-year-old could read. It is possible to test all of your content using a single plugin to test Your WordPress website’s most trusted buddy, Yoast.

The primary metric used to determine readability includes The Flesch reading ease test. This test will help you reduce the use of jargon, and also keep short sentences. The ideal number is 70 and following Yoast’s guidelines for all areas will assist you in getting your number higher. Accessible content is also easily navigated with informative subheadings. Separating your text into sections with appropriate titles helps readers locate your content. It can also provide SEO benefits. Yoast helps you create well-titled sub-headings that are of less than 300 words. If you use subheadings in conjunction with shorter paragraphs, your text will be broader.


No matter if you’re a programmer or user, you’ll be able to find Axe the top accessibility testing tools to aid in codebase analysis. It is possible to add the extension on one of Firefox and Chrome and then access it through the menu for developer tools in the browser. Axe will examine the site and give an accessibility list and the frequency at which they happen.

In the case of Axe, the code snippet that is responsible for the error is given and the guidelines to fix the problem are also given. The severity indicator will give you an idea of the issues that need to be addressed to be able to refer back to in the future.

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Color Safe

Achieving a great color contrast ratio is a must on your list of priorities since it is estimated that 1.3 billion people have visual problems. The good news is that a lot of excellent accessibility testing tools are available to address the problem.

If you’ve already created your website and are looking to modify it, you may prefer the tota11y contrast setting. But, if you’re prepared to design a full-color scheme for your website you’ll need something more exciting. This is the point at which Color Safe comes in.

Color Safe can help you discover an easy-to-use color palette that is which is based on the WCAG guidelines. It even allows you to play around with the number of font choices including size, family, and weight. Color Safe could be an excellent time-saver when you look it up in the early stages and design your fonts to be accessible from the beginning.

Get started by using these accessibility testing services in the USA now.

Making use of these tools for accessibility testing is an excellent starting point to improve your website’s accessibility. If you require assistance in implementing these changes to your website, take a look at our accessibility testing services in USA.