Avoiding Main Flaws While Implementing DevOps

Posted by D2i Team on May 07, 2021

Many deadfalls are leading to a lack of results in their while adopting DevOps for getting benefits. Certain principles need to understand and take time while implementing DevOps.

Below are some mistakes that put you back from getting profit while using DevOps. Read them properly and avoid them while implementation of DevOps.

IT Operations Ends At DevOps

DevOps is a mixture of operations and development. It is a mistake to correlate the operational part to IT operations. This is one of the main troughs among development and IT operations of staff, also, one of the internal conflicts might occur. As DevOps initiated inside the IT department, it is suggested to implement it at a higher level of the firm.

Buying Tool Chain

In the market, there are lots of chances and tools for the enhancement of the team. As we know that, tools are useful for delivering applications to their clients timely by enhancing the performance. But using these tools needs thorough attention and deliberation by the team. Some firms have a good source of tools but they end up with failure while implementing these tools.

Automated every Thing

Currently, automation is still limited at some point in many ways that is seen in many areas. Some frameworks do auto-generated automation but while making the system fully automated leads to a more complicated and complex system. Some of the limitations of automation are discussed below:

UI Automation

This is one of the problematic areas while enhancing tooling. This can be done by creating UI tests based on workflow. Moreover, product graphics and layout lead to invalid tests and need further maintenance.

Human Interaction While Automation

While delivering product code from developers to the product owner, there is a need for human interaction for testing the product. For DevOps automation will at the place, for that you need to look into CI/CD.

Out Of Sync

Some firms face some severe phases at some point like accounting at end of the year and launching a new product in the middle of that period will be frustrated. Team members will go through many changes while working and some issues occur in their way while working.

Overall, the main thing is that we have to analyze, experiment, observe and understand what is wrong while progressing and increase business.

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