5 WCAG Practices for Web Accessibility

Posted by D2i Team on September 25, 2023

Most of your time and energy spent on how your website content is accessible to physically abled people. But after building a remediated website, how do you make sure it remains accessible? Maintenance is a vital part of the accessibility puzzle still, this part is neglected. The below practice will stop you from making mistakes that will lead you towards non-compliance.

Automated Testing

Make sure you have good automated testing software for detecting errors and make the best strategy for the best solution for resolving them. By doing so, the deployment team will check their work as they are doing.

Annual Audits and Testing

Once your user-accessible website is live, you should take annual third-party verification that includes a minimum of one audit and user testing done by professional testers. A detailed report that contains every path that can be used for the unresolved paths.

Screen Reader Validation

To ensure that the site can be accessed by the physically abled, you should do test releases with related technology, like screen readers. The validation related to a screen reader can resolve many issues and can be done by the QA team or third-party service providers.

Train Team Members

As accessibility is a team effort, so every person must know about digital security for getting success in the projects. Training is one thing that will deliver clear and educational material to the organization’s employees. The more people know about accessibility, the more they will be able to deliver by following best practices in the project.

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